4 Door Sedan Car BMW M3 Sedan

Apr 18th

BMW M3 Sedan must be one of the great car that you might like to choose to drive in this 2015. As the series of BMW of course this new series are great. So make sure that you have this car as the options to choose when you are looking for the new car to drive in this 2015. To be helpful on finding the right one then you should read this article because here you will find some kind of information related to this new car series of BMW, such as the price, the type and also the specification of this car.

BMW M3 Sedan 5
BMW M3 Sedan 5

In order to give you some consideration to choose this car then you should know about these specifications.  BMW M3 Sedan is the great car which is powered by the twin turbo with the direct fuel injections. The fuel economy is up to the 20 mpg cities and 30 mpg highways. The transmission of this car is 6 speeds manual and also 7 speeds automatic. The power of this car is 425 hp while the torque of this car is 406 lb-ft. the Displacement of this car is 182 cu in and also 2979 cc.

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The type of this car is Sedan with the front engine and also read wheel drive. If you are curious about how many doors that this car has, well Ithas 4 doors. Talking about the total seats that this car has is 5 total seating. Now you must be curious about the price of this car in order to prepare it, before this car hits the market. The lovely car has the price of $62,925. So save some of your money in order to be able to buy these cars which have not hit the market yet. This is the new series of BMW that will be launched in this 2015. It is called as BMW M3 Sedan.

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