How to Borat Quotes an Editorial Supplement

Funniest Borat Quotes
Funniest Borat Quotes
Jun 4th

Borat Quotes

How to Borat Quotes an Editorial Supplement

An editorial supplement is a feature that is treated as an article in a journal. The supplement borat quotes will normally have a title, but often does not have an author. One important aspect to remember when quoting an editorial supplement is to include the word “editorial”, after the title.

This allows readers know what kind of action is. You can quote an editorial using the APA style (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association) or the Chicago Manual.
Cite in MLA, writing the title borat quotes, the editorial, the document name, date, page number and the transmitter vehicle. For example: Editorial of “Flight or Fancy.” The New York Times, April 12, 2002: B3.

Printing. Cite text with MLA using the author’s last name and the page number in parentheses. You must use the title of the editorial if there is no author. For example: (Jones, B3) or (“Flight Fancy or” B3).
The borat quotes with the APA style, using the author’s name and the date of publication of the editorial supplement in parentheses to the citation. For example: (Jones, 1998).

If you are not an author, list the title of the supplement in the text, followed by the date in parentheses. Cite the APA as the author, date, article title, journal title and the page number. For example: Jones, D. (2002). Flight or Fancy (Editorial). The New York Times, B3.

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