New Hummer HX Concept

Hummer H3 Alpha 2
Hummer H3 Alpha 2
Mar 19th

Hummer HX concept is the new model of Hummer that is now being talked by any people in the world. This car is adopted the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles). This car is produced by General Motors or more famous with the name GM as the one car factory that is great enough so far in producing many kinds of cars. The SUV concept of the car is intentionally prepared by the GM car factory to beat Wrangler which has become popular also. Yet that car is produced by the car manufacturer Jeep. From the design aspect, Hummer HX also will use the new model of Hummer so that the whole car will be perfect.

We cannot deny that in United States, Wrangler has become one of the cars that the selling is promising because many people do like that car. But the new version of Hummer HX is trusted to have the same quality, or even better quality, as and compare to Wrangler. Hummer HX concept that brings the main point in SUV has almost the same concept of the other car of Hummer that is introduced in Detroit Motor Show. This new concept of Hummer HX will be completed with the machine V6 with the capacity of 3.6 liter that is the same as Wrangler’s.

Not only having the same machine, this car also has the similarity with Wrangler on the design, especially the type of Unlimited. The different design between both cars is only in the length of the whole part of the car. The difference is about 2 inch long. GM really has ambition to beat Jeep so that the upper part of the car is also created almost like the Wrangler has. This car will be made with open roof. That is all the review about new Hummer HX concept.

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